Monday, August 07, 2006



To my Teachers, in gratitude and reverence.



Topsy Turvy

To Celebrate Love

Buoying Up

Labour of Love

Sap of Life



Vision and Retrospect

The Prison of Mirrors


Lost and Found



The Bejeweled Universe


Festival of Life

The Forest Aflame

Plea to a Communal Rioter


Cosmic Economy

Tyranny and Liberation

Ode to an Enemy

The Body of Man


Making Love

This and that




Beyond the Prison of Mirrors



Calcutta Metro


Matrimony – jewel of union

Rama's Plaint

Crowning glory




Wonderful Blog .. going thru the poems ... :)
I hope you do not mind. I have linked this site to my blog - it will make it easier for me to refer back to. If this is bothersome to you, I will remove the link. Thank you again
I like what I found here.
A great collection of poems :) Am going to go through them all, inshallah.

Ya Haqq!
sorry! but i think achinto's pix are quite bad. your "poesy" is preferable - although not too much... it reeks of college-kid-not-grown-up-yet! i hope you're okay with criticism and not the sort who believes that the sun shines out of your behind like many from calcutta?!
Thanks for sharing such a valuable info.
waiting for your another post…..!!

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