Monday, August 07, 2006


Buoying Up

There is an inferno raging within,
A cauldron on the boil.
My whole body seeks
To coil around this vortex
And dissolve into nothingness,
And also explode
Seeking to embrace the cosmos.

A deafening silent scream
That lets loose a thousand melodies
In song, imagination and physical consummation
That inflame my being.
Draw, paint, a frenzied scribble
That finds rest in beauty and peace.

Take pen to paper
And labour through the maze
Of mind and medium,
Limitless past, everflowing present
And everborn future,
To join in harmony
The voices gathering through the ages
That sing of timeless truth.

Just as you tune a musical instrument,
Going through the notes
To get the subtle shades of tone and pitch,
So can you tune this body
Going through the scales of feeling.
The river meanders, for it must
As do one’s emotions.
Cut a furrow to the next channel
And so erect an invisible scaffold
Joining the subliminal nodes
Of springiness and stiffness
Through which can pass
The river of life
And buoy up mind and body
Creating the viscosity
And suppleness of being
To flow into the cup of life.

Image: Self-portrait, quilt art, by Deb Richardson.

Reading your poetry has brought a smile to my tired face :-)
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