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The poems in this collection breathe a sacred sincerity to reach out and embrace all of life. Their piety is dictated not by the traditionally encased religion, but by a humane and universal sensibility that is devoutly eager every moment to sing paeans to the panorama of life in its wondrous plenitude. Not in any way to be confused with pantheism, this all- encompassing vision of multi-chrome and multivalent life, as manifest in the world, is worshipfully portrayed by Ramaswamy as a holistic experience, everything in it joined by invisible threads of numerous affects and affinities, collective and individual, ancient and modern. It is a symphony, this river of ever-flowing Time - the vista of beauty and human creativity - that these poems celebrate.

In our tragic and travail-torn times, to stay sane is itself quite a strenuous exercise. To have the kind of vision that these poems enshrine is refreshingly and admirably noble. More, it chalks out a spiritual strategy to keep our humanity intact and our inner beings whole. It is humbly insistent on and commemorative of its umbilical chords with times past and generations gone, as it is joyously celebrant of the present and its cornucopia of marvels scattered all over. Ensconced in serenity and supernal calm, these poems invite us all to a concert of abundant and omnipresent melodies. The pictures accompanying the poems are as moving as they are serenely magnificent.

To have a glimpse of the riches that this vision contains would be a very rewarding experience. These poems invite us all to this delight. We, the readers, should be thankful.

Los Angeles
7 Aug. 06

I checked out your site. WOW. It's difficult for me to decide which poem is my favorite. Your poems are very, very good. Look for me to return often. Best wishes to you and, by all means, keep writing!
Thanks my friend,my brother...
This is a very important gift to us.
Thank you
I am brought to tears of gratitude
(Bowing deeply)
This is my first opportunity to visit your poems.Thank you so much for the invitation. I will be back often. Your honesty, sincerity and spirituality is everywhere evident. Don't stop the flow.

This is a very important gift...
I checked out your site, great... :)
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This is my first opportunity to get your poems.Thank visit for the invitation so much. I'll be back often. Your honesty, sincerity and spirituality can be felt everywhere. Do not stop the flow.

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