Monday, August 07, 2006



Through your appearance friend, I learnt to recognise myself,
Your inward is in my outward, I am the inward in your outward.
If I am ever right, that is only because of you
And mine the evil that poisons you.
You are only a figment of my imagination,
While I know myself only through your blessing.
My place is at your feet, by your side, and in your embrace
May you be the body through which I realise myself.
Through failure and betrayal, I struggle to uphold your love and compassion,
Disconsolate shame my constant reward.
The world is my mirror, I look and see myself
May I be able to be your’s, and help you to see yourself.
In gratitude for your kindness, through which I am
May I be able to help you know who you are.

Image: from the website The Mirror of Galadriel.


Great poem. Especially liked how you presented our inward and outward. Blessings.
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