Monday, August 07, 2006


Lost and Found

Sensibility and the search begat awakening.
Sensibility lost - and thence the darkness of ignorance
In the black, black night of dispossession
Of the children of the forest.
Awareness - lost. Memory - lost. Knowledge - lost.

The Compassionate One blesses forever the seeker of forgotten knowledge.
Witness and reaper, through aeons of drought and bounty,
Planting seeds on earth and in spirit,
Irrigated through channels dug to the pure waters of life,
Fertilised with nutriment showered like pearldrops, petaldrops,
Guarded against foe and pest by angels and saints,
Ripened by eternal warmth.

Remembrance and reflection reveals a full moon of clear light,
Timeless mind, protector, through forest and conflagration, of purity and innocence,
Aloft a magical white steed coursing eternally through the heavens,
Illumining forever, seeker and sleeper alike.

The Piper, come to reassemble,
Boatman, come to ferry,
The children of the cave
From the shores of plague and deluge
To futures anew.

Creation and life,
Time and the universe,
Gods and their vehicles -
Like the Bo tree, all springing from roots
And in turn returning to source,
Nourishing and renewing Earth and life,
Nurturing Creation.

Image: Enlightenment Scene, Temple painting in Bodhgaya, India, by Marianna Rydvald.

Sort of hard to know where to leave a comment, there are so many fine poems here, so I'll just leave one here. Nice site design, too. Will be back to investigate more fully.
Good fortune!
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