Monday, August 07, 2006


Topsy Turvy

Leap, leap, leap!
In a trice,
Like a flash,
A bursting, exploding shooting star
Coursing through the firmament wide,
Disappearing into the vastness far.

Melt, melt, melt!
In a blink,
Like a bubble a-boil,
A collapsing, dissolving ripple
In the immense ocean night,
Quietly rising to its heavenly flight.

Photo: "topsy turvy", by KnOxOverSTreet

i love your sincerity and your beliefs are very beautiful and close to my own.

however, in english, your poetry seems a little unsophisticated. the words you use and the images are not unique enough to give your poems the heart they deserve (in my language, anyway).
Hullo Vive! Thanks for your comment. I agree with you, that English does not do justice to the poems! Especially since I'm writing from India, based on inspiration from Indian languages, words, sounds and resonances. But that would be next-to-impossible to convey in English. But through English, I was also trying to enable a new engagement with Indian Indian languages, words, sounds and resonances. Thus, for instance, in the poem "Rama's Plaint", I play with and explore the meanings of taken-for-granted expressions, phrases and profanities from Indian languages. The English could enable a creative re-engagement with the Indian.

But I do hope you will read through some of the other poems and find something you do like!

Best, rama
Sometimes the simplest words are able to convey the deepest meanings.

Don't shortchange your beautiful, expressive poetry. There's nothing at all wrong with it.

I found you through a comment you left on Ian Lidster's site. I was delighted to find another Indian, as I've gotten to know quite a few of you in blog-land now, and have been delighted by the experience.

Do you know the following bloggers?

Scan Man's Notes
The Patient's Doctor
Sumer's Radiology Site
Suresh's Random Ramblog

Not in any particular order ... and I hope I didn't forget any of my Indian friends! *LOL*

Adding you to my blogroll!
I loved the way you have described movement and the change of state.
I love your honesty and your beliefs are very nice and close to my own.
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