Monday, August 07, 2006



A great work of literature
Is ultimately a collection of words,
Made up of letters,
Together with lots of marks of punctuation.
Writing a great story –
Is quite a great story.
Especially for that storyteller
Who writes his stories
Through his work in life.
Through day after day is that life lived out
Full of hours, minutes and seconds.
Though the big idea’s great, and everything looks certain
There’s no avoiding each letter, word and comma.
And so is it for the living story-writer
Each day’s grind must he endure.
The burden of life, the burden of labour
Is Man’s inevitable fate.
But a great story and a great life
Awakens the spirit and shows the way.

Painting: The Storyteller, by Martin Pate.

If all the old newspapers stored in a paperoffice get voice and become storyteller - will we be able to hold the truth!

Rama - I appreciate the poem.
i only wish i had written all these lines
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