Monday, August 07, 2006



Princely endowment and precocious entitlement, custom and dissension.
Happy possession and strenuous accession.
Marriage and coexistence, fathering and family.
Through travels and wandering, separation and regrouping.
Desire and thirst, lust and pining.

From confusion to discernment, sensual to sensory, aesthetics to beauty, logic to intuition, understanding science and ethics, rationality and emotion, enjoyment and renunciation, economics and public policy, stock and flow, quantification and quality, principle and particular, teaching and learning.

Kingly responsibility and sagacious humility, lighting the pyre and being strung on the rack,
accepting mercy and submitting to grace.
Building morality and psyche, liberating mind's gossamer threads from the dominion of slavish inertia.
From sensitivity to sentience, discovering and transcending,
up ladders of consciousness, from subterranean depths to celestial heights,
through body and mind, with melody and rhythm, and in harmony, strained through pulls of heart.
Shattering the mirror of mere reflection and echo,
through defeat and despair, shame, and stagnation.
From selfish indulgence to selfless immersion,
watching jealously to jealous watching over, torturous happiness to joyous sorrow,
terrifying cowardice to the fearlessness of the meek.
Plunging into the ocean, leaping off the mountain, harnessing gently demons' wrath.
Cleansed by suffering, strengthened by pain, powered by uncompromising service,
never losing faith in the voice of self and friend.
Crossing the waters, and through trial by fire, plunging into the void of nothingness.
Dancing with the buffalo, to its rider’s drumbeat –
titration and suffusion.

Consummation of love and union. Fulfilment of evolution’s contract
to deliver the personality of man in the image of God.
The obsolescence of god, and the birth of Man.
Fullness and truth, companionship and communion, knowledge and memory, awareness and bliss.
Power and wealth, safeguarded by detachment,
From chatter to stillness, quietude, and endless serendipity.
Turning the clock, to move forward, to eternal childhood in the embrace of the Infinite.

again i see. DUALITY
and where does this come from??
from inside of thee??
and what is the purpose of this transitory state??
does it make ones soul a product of FATE??
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